Drought Monitor

New Drought Settings for B-hyve Pro and B-hyve apps!

Built to provide better control of watering during drought seasons, B-hyve’s new feature ties into a customer’s local drought data and weather forecasts, automatically adjusting to use less water while still keeping plants healthy.

See drought conditions based on the controllers location right in the app!

Configure drought settings by station

Drought levels match National Drought Mitigation Center Intensity and Impact scale

When using the drought feature in the app, customers can identify the level of drought for their location based on the D0 – D4 drought scale at drought.gov and set the appropriate drought level for their zones based on the recommendation for their location. Using smart technology, B-hyve will adjust the watering schedule to reduce water use during drought conditions. As drought conditions change, users can update their settings in the app with the press of a button.

In the United States, droughts are among the most financially burdensome of all weather-related disasters. Prior to Hurricane Katrina, the single largest U.S. weather-related disaster was the drought of 1988, which resulted in over $40 billion in damages throughout the central and northeastern portions of the country. Unlike impacts from other weather-related disasters, the financial impact of a major drought can’t always be easily calculated in real-time. Failed crops can impact food prices well into the future, while the financial impact of devastated livestock herds can take years to recover from.(citation: https://water.utah.gov/water-data/drought/)

With 90% of all freshwater consumption being used to grow things around the world, smart water management is more critical than ever, and many states are considering requiring the installation of smart water devices on households.

Through B-hyve Pro, our Smart Water Management family of products, Hydro-Rain has helped to reduce water overuse and misuse to the tune of billions of gallons of conserved water. Inside every B-hyve controller is a brilliant collection of algorithms that produce watering schedules designed to deliver the exact amount of water to the places that need it. More than ever, B-hyve isn’t just a product that connects you to your customers controllers. It’s a product that changes the way the world waters.

Notice of Price Increase October 2021

Oct 1, 2021

Based on our continued increases in operational costs due to supply chain disruption, etc.; Hydro-Rain® will initiate list and net price increases of 5% or more on Hydro-Rain® and all associated brands beginning October 4, 2021 (Monday). Please note that purchase orders received after 12:00p.m. MST October 1, 2021 (Friday) will be billed at the 5% or more October 4, 2021, increased rate. No extended-release date purchase orders will be accepted.

Associated Hydro-Rain® Brands effected by this increase include Hydro-Rain®, Blu-Lock®, PVC-Lock®, Drip-Lock®, Bhyve®, Orbit®, Stanley Fatmax® Long Handle and Gardening Tools & Hoses, Stanley Accuscape®, Bond, etc.

List prices are available on the Hydro-Rain website http://catalogs.hydrorain.com/bookcase/vwxm

Even as we navigate through this second dramatically challenging manufacturing and supply chain year, we are continuing to invest in product development, improved manufacturing processes, and logistics. To help better serve our customers, this fall we will complete a move into a 500K square foot warehouse facility that will improve our distribution service levels, lead time, etc.

Thank you for your continued support and distribution of Hydro-Rain® and associated products!


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