About Us

Built For Speed

Speed is the ultimate advantage, and that applies to the irrigation world now more than ever. Your customer’s demand speed, your business demands speed. Hydro-Rain® delivers speed. All our technology is built to deliver an advantage of speed to the contractor.


Hydro-Rain® is committed to being the industry leader in technology and advanced products. These products are built to exacting standards, and with forethought given to where advancements in technology can take your business.


Manufactured to the highest of quality standards, Hydro-Rain® products deliver world-class quality and technology exclusively to the contractor, guaranteeing no product within the Hydro-Rain® line will be available to the retail market.

Setting The Standard

Hydro-Rain®’s contractor-grade line of landscape irrigation & low voltage lighting products for the professional market sets a new standard for engineering, manufacturing, sales, and customer service. Hydro-Rain® has listened to the professional whose success and business are dependent upon incontestable product performance and reliability. With a competitive go-to-market strategy, Hydro-Rain® engineers an irrigation system component package that installs faster and “greener” than that of industry competitors, while maintaining complete parts interchangeability and low switching cost. Tight tolerances and strict conformance to engineering standards, coupled with instantaneous service response, are Hydro-Rain®’s benchmarks of quality.

Commitment To Excellence

Our commitment to the essential values of integrity, lasting relationships and fair dealing is at the heart of Hydro-Rain®. Importantly, these relationships, in combination with Hydro-Rain®’s exceptional technology and quality, set it apart from others in the industry with an “assembly line” approach to customer service. Hydro-Rain® associates remember that customers are “NUMBER ONE” and treat each customer in a respectful and attentive manner. By treating the relationships between manufacturer, distributor, and contractor as more than just a series of business transactions, Hydro-Rain® brings exemplary working partnerships and advantageous profit margins to its customers.

Hydro-Rain® | Not “just another name” in the marketplace.

[Blu-Lock] changes the way things are done in the irrigation industry. It’s twice as fast, much easier, the way of the smart contractor.

Sean Steffan

Hydrorain’s speed gives my company quite an advantage….Less parts, Less waste, Less time, More Jobs.

Kevin Farmer
[Hydrorain] is a godsend….Third of the time spent on jobs with PVC-Lock….Cut labor costs by a third….A predominant factor in irrigation.

Nathan Takihara