B-hyve and Flume

Today B-hyve announced a strategic partnership with Flume, a leading source for real-time home water data. Through the partnership, the two companies will integrate their technologies to provide homeowners with unprecedented insights into their outdoor and indoor water flow rates for better conservation and efficiency.

Combining B-hyve Smart Irrigation Technology with Flume’s Smart Water Monitor creates the most advanced system to provide a fully comprehensive look at water use inside or outside a home. The ability to differentiate how much water is used, whether in the home or in the yard, makes a significant difference when looking to eliminate water waste that can be expensive and damaging.

Through B-hyve’s proprietary technology, consumers can be smarter when watering by connecting into local weather and using environmental characteristics to automatically deliver the right amount of water. Flume’s Smart Water Monitor attaches to existing water meters to evaluate water use 24/7 for the entire home. By merging these technologies, consumers will be able to monitor and receive reports on their outdoor and indoor water use at any time using the B-hyve app.

“Outdoor irrigation is one of the biggest culprits of water waste in the home. But through this powerful integration with Flume that builds off of our great work with B-hyve, we can eliminate a lot of unnecessary water usage by providing real-time insights into their indoor and outdoor water consumption,” said Stuart Eyring, CEO of Hydro-Rain.

Key benefits of this partnership for end users include:

  • Smarter Watering: Using B-hyve’s existing WeatherSense technology and real-time flow data from Flume, homeowners can make informed decisions about their water use.
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Management: The B-hyve app will alert users of any abnormal flow rates, preventing over watering or possible leaks in broken sprinkler lines or heads.
  • Precise Data: Users can measure actual volume consumption rates with detailed reporting showing how many gallons are used for each zone during an irrigation cycle.

“From inception, Flume has been a mission-based company working to educate the public on their water use. We are excited to announce our partnership with Orbit to further our mission,” said Eric Adler, CEO at Flume. “By incorporating B-hyve’s innovative technology and broad industry presence with our intelligent flow meters, we can empower people with the knowledge to better monitor and manage water use for a more meaningful impact.”

HRX 075

Hydro-Rain is excited to introduce the HRX 075 Adjustable Rotor! Made in the USA, and Designed in North Salt Lake Utah. It provides superior nozzle performance through the advanced keyhole nozzle technology making it simple to select matched precipitation rate nozzles for full, three-quarter, half, and quarter patterns! The Nozzle rack includes traditional and low angle selections. The Rotor body is directly interchangeable with Hunter® PGP, Orbit® Voyager II™, and K-rain® RPS 075 gear driven rotors.

Motion Sensors and Outdoor Security

Home security is a wide term that encompasses a series of elements that work together toward the same common goal: to maintain the perimeter in and around a house as protected as possible. The advent of today’s technologies and the apparition of a wide array of advanced security tools, alarms, locks, and devices are simplifying the job of homeowners. Motion sensors and wireless outdoor sirens for example count among the most popular choices on the market. They are excellent thief deterrents as well as means of bringing more peace of mind to homeowners and renters alike.

Hydro-Rain Motion Sensor

These motion sensors can add a boost of flexibility to your outdoor landscape lighting options. It can be directly connected to the Hydro-Rain® 3-Station LED Landscape Light controller and mounted on any wall. You can even strategically hide it in a garden or on a flowerbed thanks to its stake-mount option. It features a 120° motion detection angle that can effectively sense movement up to 40 feet away.

Why Use Add-on Wireless Outdoor Sirens?

  • Extremely easy to install and use;
  • Provide maximum alarm sound with flash and their transmitting distance goes as far as 300 ft. in open spaces.
  • Feature built-in rechargeable backup batteries that can be used in case of emergencies for up to 100 hours;
  • The sound of such a siren is 120dB;
  • An alarm can help scare off home intruders thanks to its powerful siren. The motion-sensing alarm sounds every time movement is detected. It can be armed with a numeric code and it features a low battery indicator.

Other Powerful Outdoor Thief Deterrents

  • Install sturdy locks on the main entry doors so you can discourage potential thieves who might want to try their luck straight at the front door.
  • Have a professional home locksmith come over, assess your current locksets and make the best recommendations. You might need to simply have the old locks re-keyed, lubricated, or replaced with better sets of lucks. Adding deadbolt locks to an existing set of locks is a common occurrence; get ready to invest in a commercial grade-1 deadbolt lock as they rank the highest in specific industry tests.
  • Add powerful locks to the fence around your house and maintain the locks and keys in pristine shape at all times.
  • Cut a sufficient number of copies for your keys or consider having master keys cut for simpler key management and less hassle.
  • Secure your gate with powerful latches and locks and add surveillance cameras and monitoring systems in and around the house.
  • Consider getting a barking dog and keeping it in your front or back yard as a natural deterrent against potential intruders or property criminals.

HRX 075 Adjustable Rotor

A revolution 10 Years in the making

How do you raise an industry standard? Start with your elbows in the trenches and work your up! That’s what we did with the HRX 075 Adjustable rotor. Designed from the threads up to meet the needs of contractors and property owners around the world.

We paid special attention to the precipitation rate of the rotor and focused on providing an exceptional distribution uniformity. The end result is a system of matched precipitation rate nozzles that when properly installed provides the industries best distribution uniformity, period.