High Station Count Controller

Smarterfaster, & more adaptable. The High Station Count (HSC) controller by Hydro-Rain helps you deliver advanced water management to all your projects. 

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B-hyve is the premier irrigation platform loved by contractors and property owners.

B-hyve provides full control and monitoring of the HSC from your smart device or through the web.

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High Station Count

Control up to 63 stations using Two-wire or 48 stations with traditional wiring.


With built in Wi-Fi (2.4 and 5 GHZ), Bluetooth, and Ethernet connecting the controller to the internet has never been easier. The optional cellular connection module provides access in remote areas or otherwise restricted properties.

EPA WaterSense Approved Smart Watering

B-hyve Pro WeatherSense algorithms automatically adjust watering schedules and runtimes based on: soil type, plant type, sprinkler type, sun/shade, slope, temperature, rain/irrigation, wind, and humidity to maximize water savings and keep the landscape healthy.

HSC Components


HSC Modular base with two 8-station modules preinstalled.


HSC Modular base with an AC Two-wire module pre-installed


High Station Count 8-station module with 3 interchangeable station plates.

Easily expand the HSC available station count with this easy to use module. The interchangeable plates allows technicians to see which station is watering or has faults.


High Station Count AC Two-wire module.

Upgrade your Two-wire system with Alternating Current.  Uses standard irrigation wire to control up to 63 stations.



High Station Count AC Field Decoder for a Single Station

Controls a single station, includes 2-DBR/Y-6 (as manufactured by the 3M Company). AC Field Decoder works with all Hydro-Rain solenoids and most other solenoids in the market.


Programmer and Tester for Field Decoders

The Portable HSC Programmer and Tester allows you quickly program new or replacement decoders.