ETwater Sales Contacts

Andy Belingheri
National Sales Manager

P: 702.600.8911
[email protected]

Mike Palumbo
Regional Sales Manager (So Cal & Arizona)

P: (909) 637-7181
[email protected]

Daniel Martinez
Technical Service & Training Manager

P: 951.218.9397
[email protected]

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Get a complimentary Optimized Irrigation Plan. Through its smart irrigation system, ETwater takes basic landscape details for any property, and analyzes data on the soil, plant, microclimate and other environmental information to produce a report specifying the precise amount of water necessary to maintain a site or landscape’s most favorable plant health. It can then be compared to your actual water use and bills for creating a landscaping water reduction plan with measurable goals.

Eliminate overwatering or insufficient hydration of your plant life. Get a free 7-day advance smart irrigation run-time schedule for your irrigation stations, using real-time instead of historical ETo weather data.

Real-Time Landscape Irrigation Calculator

Through a growing set of RESTful APIs you can directly access and integrate ETwater platform services into yours. Available under an open source access and distribution model, it’s simple to start development with ETwater: sign up, get an authentication token and get coding.

Developer program