Grow in Programming

New Lawns and plants generally require additional water until they have established their roots.  Historically this required the landscaper or contractor to schedule a call back to update the controller. With Program Scheduling you can provide the additional water to the plants then automatically transition to a long-term schedule. Since all the programming can done over Bluetooth® in the B-hyve Pro app you can set the schedule on site and walk away.  The controller will save the program in non-volatile memory and operate as programmed.

Program scheduling is part of the traditional program scheduling logic.

  1. From the home screen select programs and select an existing program or create a new one.
  2. In the next program screen near the bottom, you will find options to set a start or end date.
  3. Set the dates or leave them blank
  4. Press the save button
  5. Ensure your “grow-in” program and it’s replacement program are in a program slot and active

If you do not set the set a date the system will implement the program immediately or never stop.

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