Hydro-Rain Weather-Based Controllers

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Time is money, especially in the professional landscaping industry. At Hydro-Rain, we get that. Our weather-based irrigation controllers, powered by B-hyve Pro, are designed with busy professionals like you in mind. Landscapers, contractors, and irrigators, it’s time to streamline your workflows and elevate your service offerings with our smart, dependable solutions.

Tailored for Efficiency

With real-time weather data at its core, our system ensures watering is only done when necessary. This smart adjustment means less waste, more savings, and optimal plant health — all without lifting a finger. It’s the set-it-and-forget-it solution that keeps your projects on track and your clients happy.
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Cut Costs, Not Corners

Reducing water use helps the planet and your pocketbook. Expect up to 50% savings on water bills. These savings can either boost your bottom line or be passed on to clients, enhancing your competitive edge. Our controllers don’t just save water; they save the one resource you can’t renew: time.

Control at Your Fingertips

Powered by B-hyve Pro, our controllers give you remote access from any smartphone or device. This means managing multiple sites with ease and making adjustments on the go, without the need to visit in person. It’s the power to respond quickly to any issue, keeping your projects looking their best.
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Built to Last

In this industry, durability equals reliability. Our weather-based irrigation controllers are designed to endure the elements, ensuring your installations perform year after year. It’s a promise of uninterrupted service you and your clients can count on.

Your Success, Supported

At Hydro-Rain, we’re more than just a provider; we’re a partner. Beyond offering top-tier products, we back our solutions with robust support and warranty services. Encounter an issue? We’re on it. Have a question? We’ve got answers. It’s our commitment to you: Quality products, reliable support, and practical, efficient solutions.

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For the professional irrigator, landscaper, and contractor who values precision, reliability, and efficiency, Hydro-Rain’s weather-based irrigation controllers powered by B-hyve Pro are the smart choice. Upgrade your toolkit, deliver impeccable service, and set your business apart. With Hydro-Rain, it’s about doing the job right the first time and every time.

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