CMS LED Light Code

The CMS Control Unit has an LED light that changes color based on what it is doing.

If you do not see any lights press the reset button once. This will wake up the device and within 10 seconds you should see a light. If you do not see a light after 10 seconds, then check or change the batteries.

Below is a table with the current colors and their corresponding activity.

Device Status LED behavior
Ready for Pairing Blinks Blue every 5 seconds
Connecting/Disconnected Blinks White
Connected/Idle Solid Green
Low Battery Blinks Red
Rain Delay Blinks Yellow
Watering in Progress Blinks Green
Identify Blinks Red, Green, and Blue
Factory Reset Rapid Red blink until reset
Asleep Blinks Green and White

To reset the CMS to factory settings, press the reset button quickly 5 times.

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