Controller keeps watering

Does your Controller (a.k.a. Clock or Timer) keep watering after it completes a cycle? If so you most likely have multiple start times programmed in.

Why multiple start times #

Many modern controllers allow you group stations together in a program so they all run right after another.  This is helpful if you have several stations with similar characteristics. Using a program allows you to cycle all your sprinkler spray bodies (spray heads) or rotors (gear drives) in series. Or you can have all the landscape in one area water on one day and another area the next day.

How do I check or clear excess start times #

To check for multiple start times turn the dial to “Start Time”. Sometimes you’ll see numbers 1-4 indicating multiple start times. Other times you’ll need to press the left or right arrow to cycle through the times. When cycling through with the arrows you should see “- -:- -” if no time is programmed in.  If you do see a time pressing the clear button will erase that start time.

Closing notes #

Start times are not specific to individual stations in a program. Adding a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th start time signals the timer to start watering all the stations in that program again at the times scheduled.  If the controller has not finished watering then the controller will stack or delay the next watering to begin once the current watering is complete.

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