Grow in program

New landscapes and sod usually require additional water until they become established. A grow in schedule (or grow in program) is a short-term watering program that provides additional water and has a set end date.  These schedules ensure the landscape does not dry out.

Adding a Program Schedule #

B-hyve Pro allows you to add start and end dates to any program.  When editing or creating a program look for the “Program Schedule” section near the bottom. If you have a date you want the program to start or end enter them in the correct fields.

NOTICE: Programs must be assigned to a program slot (A, B, C, or D) to activate and begin watering. #

Final thoughts: #

  • Programs without a start date will begin watering immediately
  • Programs without an end date will water indefinitely
  • Programs will stack watering, to prevent overwatering do not have programs end and start on the same day. Example: In the image above programs B and D are both watering the lawn and program B ends the day before program D.

This feature was released in March 2022

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