HRC 100 Battery

The HRC 100 Controller requires a CR2032 Lithium battery for proper operation. The battery will maintain your program in case of an AC power loss and should last approximately one year.

The battery backup for the HRC 100 controllers is located to the right of the screen. You’ll notice the front sticker is cut in a half circle where the battery is located.

  • Open by sliding the battery tray out to the right
  • Insert one CR2032 battery into the compartment with the “+” side up
  • Slide back into place.

A weak or missing battery can cause the time, date, and program to be erased after a power failure. If this happens, you will need to install a fully charged battery and reprogram the controller.

Tip: Replace the battery every year, to avoid loss of programming

Note: A battery alone will not operate the valves in your sprinkler system. The sprinkler controller has a built-in transformer that must be connected to an AC line voltage source.

The HRC 100 controller comes with a thermal breaker, so you’ll never have to replace a fuse.

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