HRC 100 Rain Sensor

Connecting a Rain Sensor #

Remove the factory-installed jumper wire from the wiring terminal ports (yellow in color) labeled “Sensor”. Connect the rain sensor wires to the wiring terminal ports (yellow in color) labeled “Sensor”.

Note: Refer to your rain sensor manual for specific wiring instructions.

Place the sensor on/off switch to the “on” position to begin operation

Rain Sensor Bypass #

This HRC 100 C is equipped with a sensor override “on/off” switch above the sensor terminals. This switch is for use during maintenance and repairs, so the sprinkler controller can be operated even if the rain sensor is in active mode.

Important: If the rain sensor switch is in the “on” position and no sensor is connected, the sprinkler controller will not operate. To resume the HRC 100 C operation place the switch in the off position

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