HRC 100 Seasonal Adjustment

Water Budgeting #

Water Budgeting (Seasonal Adjustment) is a simple way to adjust your watering duration to match seasonal watering needs. Water Budgeting works by increasing or decreasing watering duration for all stations in each program. Press the [PROGRAM] button to select the program you wish to budget.

The adjustment range is from 10% to 200% by increments of 10%. The default value is 100%. The budgeting will remain in the adjusted range until you change it.

To set budgeting: #

  • Turn the dial to [BUDGET]
  • To adjust press the [+/–] buttons, press [ENTER]

If using multiple programs (A, B, or C) Press the [PROGRAM] button to move to the desired program and make the needed adjustment

Example: Bill’s watering duration is set at 60 minutes, however; it is springtime so he wants to water half as long. Bill sets his budgeting to 50%, his controller will now water for 30 minutes.

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