HRC 100 Troubleshooting

One or more valves do not turn on

  • Faulty solenoid connection
  • Wire damaged or severed
  • Flow control stem screwed down, shutting valve off
  • Programming is incorrect

Stations turn on when they are not supposed to

  • The water pressure is too high
  • More than one start time is programmed
  • AM/PM is incorrect

One station is stuck on and will not shut off

  • Faulty valve
  • Particles of dirt or debris stuck in the valve
  • Valve diaphragm faulty

All valves do not turn on

  • Transformer defective or not connected
  • Programming is incorrect

The controller will not power up

  • Transformer not plugged into a working outlet

Valves continue to turn on and off when they are not programmed

  • More than one start time is programmed with overlapping schedules
  • Excessive pressure

Intermittent faults when the pump is connected

  • An incompatible pump start relay is being used.
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