Two-wire Faults with Lighting or Surge Arrestors

When your irrigation system starts acting up, it’s not just frustrating; it costs you time and money. One common culprit behind errors in your two-wire irrigation system is a faulty lightning arrestor. Let’s dive straight into why this happens and how addressing it saves you headaches and keeps your operations running smoothly.

The Role of a Lightning Arrestor #

In essence, a lightning arrestor protects your irrigation system from the high-voltage surges typically caused by lightning strikes. It’s your system’s shield against the unpredictable forces of nature that can cause significant damage to its electrical components.

The Impact of a Faulty Lightning Arrestor #

When the lightning arrestor isn’t working properly, you’ll see an increase in error messages or faults. A compromised arrestor means your controller might start sending out error messages more frequently. These are warning signs pointing to the underlying issue with the arrestor.
If you are having a number of faults but your decoders and wiring are good, then start looking for lighting arrestors. Bypass them and see if the faults go away. if they do, either remove the lighting arrestor or have it replaced.
The HSC Two-wire controller does not require in-field grounding and the presence of lighting arrestors may cause faults.
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