The Hydro-Rain High Station Count Irrigation Controller

Built for Landscape Architects

This is the controller you have been waiting for! The high-quality HSC controller combines a simple setup with industry-leading connectivity to provide your clients with the landscape they want at the price point they need.

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More Simplicity, Less Headache

Does it feel like every project introduces a new set of challenges? Don’t let a smart watering system add to that list! The High Station Count (HSC) controller, powered by B-hyve, provides complete control and monitoring from anywhere in the world. And with the capability to control 48 zones with one controller, it can easily handle parks, schools, communities, and churches.

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Robust Features without the Complexity

While it has a large capacity, the HSC controller is simple to use. Some smart watering products seem to require hours of management to access basic features, but B-hyve technology makes it easy for anyone to operate.

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Commercial Landscape
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Powered by B Hyve Pro

The HSC commercial irrigation controller brings a range of connectivity built in, powered by B-hyve, the world’s industry-leading connected platform. Together, the HSC controller and B-hyve technology provide water managers with complete control of programming, whether you want smart daily adjustments with WeatherSense™ programming, custom programming, or something in between.

In addition to remote monitoring and control for projects large and small, the HSC controller controls up to 48 stations. Plus, the convenient modular design allows for station expansion in eight-station increments.

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The Hydro-Rain High Station Count Controller

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