Lawn Care Stats to Look Out for in 2023

Every year brings about new knowledge and new technology for every industry and this is especially true for those in the lawn care industry. Ensure that you’re up-to-date in 2023 by paying attention to these trends and projected stats. 

Lawn Care Industry Trends

Before getting into all of the lawn care stats for 2023, let’s explore who these stats will affect and who will benefit from the projected changes. 

Fact: Did you know that in 2021, the landscaping industry was worth 105.1 billion dollars? Lawn care businesses make up the third-largest industry with cleaning and freight taking up spots one and two and in terms of market size, landscaping services ranked 105th!

In addition to these stats from previous years, the landscaping industry saw an annual growth rate of 5.1 percent annually from 2016 to 2021 and it’s considered the fastest-growing market in its sector. As the number of construction projects continues to grow, the demand for landscaping services increases as well. 

Now that you know these aspects of this ever-growing industry, take a look at what to expect in the year to come. 

2023 Landscaping Services Stats

Take a look at the stats for the upcoming year that you need to keep in mind. 

  1. The global demand for power lawn equipment and gardening supplies is expected to reach 24.2 billion in 2023. 
  2. No single landscaping company owns more than five percent of the market share. 
  3. In 2019, the lawn care industry generated an estimated tidal revenue of 99 billion. 
  4. Every household spends an average of $503 per year on lawn care and gardening. 
  5. Landscaping for commercial properties accounts for nearly 50 percent of the industry’s revenue. 
  6. The lawn care industry employs over one million people across over 600,000 companies
  7. The average landscaping business employs two teammates. That number is projected to grow 10 percent between now and 2029. 
  8. 67 percent of adults are planning to grow edible plants in the next year. 
  9. The lawn care industry is projected to grow by 5.3 percent which is higher than the country’s overall economic growth. 
  10. Only 29 percent of all landscaping companies are currently operating in the western half of the United States. 

What Does This Mean for Your Lawn Care Business?

Depending on the specific needs of your region and your clients, you can expect a lot of business and growth and with this increase in business comes a demand to work with lawn care products and technology that are high-quality and dependable.

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