HRX-075 Adjustable Rotors

HRX 075

The Hydro-Rain HRX rotor is the ultimate solution for residential, light commercial and commercial applications from 22’ to 52’. With the broad selection of precision nozzles, the HRX provides industry-leading distribution uniformity.

Built For Speed!

The easy nozzle identification system allows you to quickly adjust the flow rate for both standard and low angle nozzles.

Use the #1 nozzle for 90° patterns, #2 for 180° pattern, #3 for 270°, and #4 for 360° arc adjustment. For low angle cut the number in half, so you would use the L0.5 nozzle for 90° patterns, etc.

Match Precipitation rate

Hydro-Rain HRX nozzles are designed to work together and maximize water savings.

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HRX Rotors