HRM Union Manifold System

1-inch union manifold system

No tools, No Glue, No fuss

Our Hydro-Rain® time trials show that even a fast contractor spends over 13-minutes to build the valve nest out of PVC. The Hydro-Rain Manifold (HRM) system takes less than half that time. During the course of a year, a typical medium-size contractor will waste over 65 hours of time – more than a week and a half of productive labor – going with the “fast and cheap method.” It’s one of those cases where what looks like a savings, actually ends up costing you.

Quickley assemble the valve nest without glue, tape, or tools for an easy to maintain valve manifold system. Oversized O-rings seal the water in, with only hand tightened fittings! Remove the valves for servicing or replacement without cutting.

No need to take the valve nest apart to replace the middle valve!

Watch how easy it is!

Join Alan as he builds a valve nest using HRM fittings to replace a valve nest built using PVC glue fittings.

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Why use an irrigation manifold?

An irrigation manifold is a pipe with a series of tees that branch into several openings, in this case, to deliver water to multiple irrigation valves. Historically, irrigation manifolds were made with PVC which was glued together. Hydro-Rain Manifold fittings eliminate the glue, allowing for damaged fittings or valves to be removed, replaced, and maintained without excessive digging or cutting. Saving both time and money.