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Why Homeowners Hire a
Robotic Mower Professional

Convenience-oriented customers are willing to spend money to save time and ensure a positive purchase experience.

Reasons for Hiring a Professional Installer

  • Accurate Installation- Years of experience will ensure your mower is installed and functions correctly
  • No Visible Wiring- Fully buried boundary and guide wires make them less susceptible to damage.
  • Product Service & Support – Experts are familiar with unique challenges and are here to support you
Become a Gardena Authorized Installer

Installation Revenue*

Set Up Fee

$350 + $1.25 Per Lf

Included Features:

  • Installation Materials
  • Labor Costs
  • Buried Wire
  • Initial Set Up /Programming

* revenue based on market, not guaranteed

Become a Gardena Authorized Installer

Service Package Revenue & Features*


Annual Cost

Included Features

  • Three (3) Robot Mower Blades
  • Extra Stakes and Perimeter Connectors
  • Two (2) service visits after installation


Annual Cost

Included Features

  • Starter features +
  • Cleaning the mower
  • Updating mower software
  • Inspecting and greasing electrical connetions
  • Wheels inspection
  • Hardware Inspection
  • Loaner mower if your mower needs additional maintenance


Annual Cost

Included Features

  • Plus Features +
  • Post season pickup and winter storage
  • Spring start up and testing
  • Perimeter wire repairs


Annual Cost

Included Features

  • Plus Features +
  • Post season pickup and winter storage
  • Spring start up and testing
  • Perimeter wire repairs

* Packages and pricing may vary


Lot Size of New Single-family Houses Completed

Number of houses ( in thousands ) by lot size ( in square feet )

Total Under
to 8,999
to 10,999
to 21,999
and over
8,640 2,643 1,658 805 1,641 1,889

2021: The median size of a completed
single-family house was 2,273 square feet

USA Pricing Structure

Name Sileno Minimo Sileno Minimo Sileno City Sileno City Sileno Life Sileno Life
Model Number 15201-41 15202-41 15001-41 15002-41 15101-41 15108-41
Area (Sq. Ft) 2,700 5,400 2,700 5,400 8,100 16,200
MSRP $649 $729 $799 $999 $1,199 $1,399

Professional Tools – What you‘ll need

Cable Laying Machine Husqvarna CL400

This self-propelled machine with adjustable handles make it extremely easy to maneuver under hedges and shrubs or along walls and fences. The wheels are adjustable in four positions, to increase or decrease the turning circle, with the aid of the rear pivot wheels. The cable easily coils itself in the appropriate cylinder thanks to an external handle. Adjustable burying depth to 2.3 inches.

MS6812 Cable Tracker

The kit consists of a transmitter (tone generator) that is connected to the loop wire that needs to be tested, and a receiver that monitors the signal received. Easy to use! Delivered as a complete kit with 2 x 9V batteries and a carrying case.

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