Control and Monitoring System (CMS)

Control & Monitor System (CMS)


B-hyve is the premier irrigation platform loved by producers and dealers.

B-hyve provides varying levels of control and monitoring, based on your role, of the CMS from your smart device or through the web.

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Communication Unit

Powered by standard AA batteries the communication unit fits in a 2-1/2-inch hole and provides a Bluetooth signal. Cellular communication is achieved with an optional module.

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Communications Unit

Powered by standard AA batteries the communications unit fits in a 2-1/2 inch hole and provides a cellular or Bluetooth signal.

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CMS Modules

Need to control a valve? What about 8 valves? Monitor flow? Monitor flow and control a master valve? No worries! The CMS has a variety of modules to fit most needs.

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Cellular Module

No Wi-Fi? No problem! The Cellular module is a plug and play module that allows you to connect to the B-hyve servers.

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With built in Bluetooth, connecting and programming has never been easier. The optional cellular connection module provides access in remote areas or otherwise restricted properties.

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