All Hydro-Rain Distributors are eligible to receive Marketing Development Funds (MDF). The purpose of the Hydro-Rain MDF program is to provide support to our partners in a collaborative effort to create sales opportunities and brand recognition in the marketplace.

Guidelines Content:

  1. MDF Overview & Requirements
  2. How to request MDF
  3. Events and activities we will support
  4. Events and activities we will not fund
  5. Claiming the approved funds

1. MDF Overview & Requirements

MDF funds are allocated to distributors on a discretionary basis for marketing activities or campaigns.

Marketing activities should be planned according to the business objectives agreed in the Hydro-Rain / Partner Business Plan and associated Marketing Plan.

The Hydro-Rain branding guidelines must be adhered to in all co-branding activities.

  • MDF approval requires the following:
    • An approved joint business plan
    • Full campaign details
    • Details of other vendors participating and associated cost breakdown
    • Expected ROI and agreed objectives
    • Hydro-Rain resources needed
    • A signed leads consent form

2. How to request MDF

Once the activity has been agreed to as part of the Partner’s Hydro-Rain Marketing Plan (aligned to the Partner / Hydro-Rain business plan), the request can be submitted via the MDF Request Form.

MDF Request Form

Once submitted, the request will be reviewed within 7-10 days. Once approved, the partner contact will be sent a PO# confirming approval for the funding. If no approval is given, the partner will be advised accordingly.

The MDF request must be placed with as much notice as possible; at least 4 weeks is preferable.

If the request is part of a quarterly or half-yearly marketing plan, please note this in the request.

In order to expedite the approval and claim process, please include:

  • A breakdown of costs.
  • An explanation of how Hydro-Rain will be marketed and details of the target audience.
  • An indication of the estimated number of leads (including type of contact data to be included) and if the attendee list will be provided to Hydro-Rain.
  • A list of any other partners taking part in the activity and how the costs will be divided.
  • Details of how attendance of events / activities will be driven.

3. Events and activities we will support

  • Demand generating events and activities
    • Event Sponsorship including virtual and in-person summits
    • Trade Shows stand share costs
    • Email Campaigns
    • Direct Mail Campaigns
    • Advertising / online marketing
    • List purchase and/or telemarketing campaigns
    • Webinars
  • Networking events – a portion of the costs of the event as agreed to by the Hydro-Rain Marketing Manager:
    • Partner internal sales events
    • If attended by customers and the leads shared with Hydro-Rain:
      • Golf days
      • Sports events tickets
      • Movie nights

4. Events and activities we will not fund

  • Printing costs*
  • Team drinks
  • Travel & expenses*
  • Sales training*
  • Gifting

5. Claiming the approved funds

Once the activity has been completed, an MDF claim should be submitted to [email protected], copying the Sales Manager and including the following:

  1. An invoice stating the Hydro-Rain PO#
  2. Proof of performance (e.g., attendance report, photos, etc.)
  3. Lead list, if applicable

Claims may not be for more than the agreed total amount approved.

The invoice must be sent within the same quarter as the MDF activity unless other arrangements have been agreed to by Hydro-Rain.

*Hydro-Rain reserves the right to change these MDF guidelines at any time.