Sprinkler Spray Bodies

Built for Speed, Durability, and Versatility! 


Select either 30 or 40 PSI

Pressure-reducing HRS models are preset to water and energy-saving 30 PSI. The patented pressure reducer can change to 40 psi, for rotary nozzles, with the turn of a screwdriver. All pressure-reducing models of our spray and shrub heads are WaterSense certified and approved on the California Energy Commission’s appliance efficiency database.

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North Salt lake

From our headquarters in the top of the desert mountains we set out to design the most rugged and durable spray head on the market, a spray head with a bring-it-on attitude that can take whatever you throw at it. The new HRS 200 is that spray head! The HRS 200 spray head is built for speed, and water conservation!

epa watersense 

The HRS 200 is the only adjustable pressure regulating sprinkler spray body approved by the EPA!

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Available options

Grey Caps

WaterSense approved adjustable pressure regulating heads are easily identified with by their Grey caps that also have “PR” molded into the cap.

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Purple Caps

Hydro-Rain’s bright purple cap indicates that the water is non-potable. Non-potable (aka reclaimed, effluent, secondary) water heads are easily identified by their IAPMO Purple caps. Look for “PR” molded into the cap for the EPA WaterSense approved adjustable pressure regulator. Inspectors and homeowners appreciate the high visibility purple that does not look faded or gray.

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Black Caps

The traditional Sprinkler Spray Body that allows a full flow of water. Ready for commercial, municipal, or residential applications that demand a professional grade spray head.

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World’s only 2″ Adjustable Pressure Regulating sprinkler Spray Body

Two-inch heads are ideal for low-growing turfs like Bermuda and areas with shallow soil depth.

Cap and Body

We made the cap with more material and created a wiper seal with more leak-proof sealing surfaces than the leading brand. The body is constructed of ultra-strong ABS 709. Top to bottom, inside and out, the HRS sets a new standard for long-lasting reliability. What that means for you is fewer call-backs, repairs, and replacements.

HYDRO-SEAL Check Valve

Every Adjustable Pressure Regulating spray head comes with a factory installed Hydro-Seal Check Valve. Enjoy faster spray head activation and no leaks from the lowest spray head.

HRN 200 Adjustable Pattern

HRN Nozzles

Pair the HRS Sprinkler Spray Bodies with HRN Nozzles for optimum performance!

HRN 100 Fixed Pattern


The traditional, slim-profile 4″ pop-up head has been a workhorse of the residential sprinkler world for decades. But it has always lacked the commercial-grade features needed to make it a true thoroughbred. Until now.

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Built for Speed

Constructed of ultra-strong ABS 709, with a traditional wiper seal, the HRS 150 incorporates the proven two-piece ratchet, heavy-duty cap, male-threaded riser, and accepts both large and small filter screens.