Hydrorain Wins Innovative Product Award at Irrigation Show

Hydrorain’s new, innovative Wi-Fi timer was a smashing hit at this year’s IA show in Las Vegas, walking away with the Best New Product award. The HRC 400 brings a full range of functionality and takes control to a whole new level for contractors and homeowners alike.

Built in 8 and 16 station versions, the HRC 400 is a fully functional smart Wi-Fi controller. B-hyve technology accesses real-time weather data sources, such as NOAA, and delivers that information to the timer, allowing it to adjust to changing weather conditions and save millions of gallons of water in the process. The information also adjusts the timer’s run schedule as the season changes.

Further, the HRC 400 allows contractors to tap into their customer’s controllers remotely from anywhere with an internet connection, letting them make adjustments, check status or even turn off the controller as needed. No more need for time consuming site visits. It can all be handled from your home, office or anywhere in the field.

Orders for the HRC 400 can be placed now through our distributors.

Preparing for IA is No Small Task

We just finished another successful IA show, this year in Las Vegas. Once again, HYR was a hit among the many vendors and manufactures at the show.

IA is a great chance to reconvene with others in the industry, share new insights and technology and network with potential business partners. But a lot of work goes into getting ready for these two days. In fact, work starts some six months before and really ramps up three months before. There’s a lot of planning that needs to happen with products, presentations and displays. Altogether, between sales staff, marketers, executives and engineers, there was a team of over 30 HYR employees at the show, all working to make it go off without a hitch.

And the hard work paid off. HYR was able to garner a lot of great new contacts, answer questions and see the exciting advancements being made in the world of irrigation. We were able to show off our new products, even walking away with an award for the best new product for our new HRC 400 B-Hyve Wi-Fi controller.