Hydro-Rain Launches High Station Count Controller (HSC) for Commercial Irrigation

The HSC allows for full control and monitoring from your smart device or through the[More]

New High Station Count Controller

Introducing the New HSC Controller, Designed for Simplicity and Increased Functionality  Many smart watering systems[More]

Custom Soft cap Rotor

Applications are now being accepted for the Custom Soft Cap Rotor program! Now you can[More]

1 1/4″ Saddle Body

Today we added the 1 1/4″ saddle body to our lineup of the fastest saddles[More]

Hydro-Rain expands into a new field, Agriculture!

With the Hydro-Rain Center Pivot system, a B-hyve Ag connected device, producers can leverage the[More]

HRX 075

Hydro-Rain is excited to introduce the HRX 075 Adjustable Rotor! Made in the USA, and[More]

Pro Dashboard for B-hyve Pro Users

Now available, the B-hyve Pro Dashboard! View all the controllers connected to your account, see[More]

Blu-Lock 3x

Next generation Blu-Lock fittings now available. Blu-Lock 3x. Three things separate this new generation from[More]

Motion Sensors and Outdoor Security

Home security is a wide term that encompasses a series of elements that work together[More]

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