Three Quarter inch Adjustable HRX Rotor

A revolution 10 Years in the making

How do you raise an industry standard? Start with your elbows in the trenches and work your up! That’s what we did with the HRX 075 Adjustable rotor. Designed from the threads up to meet the needs of contractors and property owners around the world.

We paid special attention to the precipitation rate of the rotor and focused on providing an exceptional distribution uniformity. The end result is a system of matched precipitation rate nozzles that when properly installed provides the industries best distribution uniformity, period.

Keyhole Technology

Each match precipitation rate nozzle is engineered to deliver even water distribution throughout the entire radius of the spray. Water droplet size increases as the calculated distance from the nozzle increases. The end result? large wind resistant water droplets at the edge of the arc, medium water droplets throughout the core, and a small gentle water droplet at the center creating greener grass with less water.

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