Hydro-Rain Introduces the Control and Monitoring System (CMS) powered by B-hyve Ag

At the World Ag Show in Tulare, California Hydro-Rain, a leading provider of irrigation solutions, introduced their state-of-the-art Control and Monitoring Systems (CMS) for agriculture. CMS is powered by B-hyve technology, a premier irrigation management cloud platform spanning across Landscape, Agricultural Pivot, and now Agricultural Drip IOT categories.

The Hydro-Rain CMS offers varying levels of control and monitoring that users can effortlessly manage from their smart devices or through the web. The system is designed to transform traditional agricultural irrigation methods, providing farm managers with considerable ease, greater control, and advanced monitoring capabilities.

The CMS features an independent communication and control unit powered by standard AA batteries which can be mounted in field to valve structural platforms, posts, etc., controlling a single valve up to eight valves, monitoring flow, or managing a pump/master valve.

Standard Bluetooth communication is included, and for enhanced accessibility, each unit is also integrated for cellular communication by plugging in and activating its BHP-CELL-MD module (first year of data is included with purchase).

The Hydro-Rain CMS is not only designed to control but also empowers farm managers with real-time monitoring.

“With our B-hyve technology-powered CMS, we are bringing the future of agriculture to today’s farms,” Alan Ence

Check out the CMS!

“With our B-hyve technology-powered CMS, we are bringing the future of agriculture to today’s farms,” says Alan Ence, General Manager of Hydro-Rain. “We’re excited to help our customers enhance their irrigation management experience and save on labor and time with our cutting-edge technology and our commitment to superior service. This CMS’s B-hyve technology brings into play a unique feature that has the ability to combine multiple CMS units in a given area to be managed as one device within the cloud. In this scenario, there is no longer the need for a control box wired to multiple blocks of valves, the box is in the cloud.”

For more information on the Hydro-Rain Control and Monitoring System, Hydro-Rain can be reached via their website. Hydro-Rain is actively signing on distributors across the world with the new CMS and other Built for Speed™ and Powered by B-hyve™ technologies.

About Hydro-Rain

Hydro-Rain is a cutting-edge commercial and agricultural irrigation leader, featuring BUILT FOR SPEED® offerings that are engineered specifically for professional contractors and growers. For nearly 20 years Hydro-Rain has led the industry in innovative solutions. From PVC-Lock®, Blu-Lock® and Drip-Lock®, which are extraordinarily fast, environmentally friendly ways to connect sprinkler pipe and drip tubing, to the technologically advanced, best-selling B-hyve smart controllers, Hydro-Rain has modernized the industry, set the standard for irrigation best practices, and made outdoor watering efficient for professionals around the world. Hydro-rain is a business unit within Orbit Irrigation. Together, Orbit and Hydro-Rain form a business unit within Husqvarna Group’s Gardena Division. Because securing access to safe, fresh water for communities is a global priority, Hydro-Rain is proud to affirm its commitment to delivering a comprehensive ecosystem of smart solutions, covering applications FROM FAUCET TO FARM™, while continuously pursuing our vision of CHANGING THE WAY THE WORLD WATERS®.

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