Open for Sustainability

The platform that runs the ETwater Smartest Irrigation Service is now open to all.

ETwater has a history of innovation in water management, and a series of firsts in the market. Over the past three years we have completely re-engineered our core technology that drives our Smartest Irrigation Service. We’ve invested millions of dollars in improving our algorithms, our analytics and data visualizations. The result is an incredibly robust, fast and scalable cloud-based platform. It can easily handle any number of users and connected devices. Not only ours, but yours, too.

So we invite you to join us in solving our century’s biggest natural resource challenge: water. ETwater incorporates the best commercial and government environmental data sources, it uses the most advanced calculations for modeling the environment, and it is openly available through our RESTful API.

Get your API key today, and get started building the next big thing. We’ll be here supporting you with the best platform available, and improving it further along the way.

ETwater Developer Program

ETwater is a powerful, highly scalable platform for water management and a wealth of other environmental services. We have built a sophisticated set of data from many different sources, and used years of experience to transform and analyze this information. Through a growing set of RESTful APIs you can directly access and integrate the platform’s services.

Available under an open source access and distribution model, it’s simple to start development with ETwater: sign up, get an authentication token and get coding. If you need help, visit the example applications, code examples, and API specification, or feel free to email us a question. And when you’re ready, we’ll work with you in market placement or promotion.

Get access to:

  • Survey-class parcel data, including parcel size and boundary coordinates
  • Location-based soil type classifications and characteristics
  • Plant types and seasonally adjusted growth factors
  • Weather and climate data, including historical, current and forecast
  • Environmental analytics, such as water depletion rates and evapotranspiration (ET)
  • Check out the API specification to view all Open APIs available on the ETwater platform for use.

Stop the Water Waste

Calculate exactly how much water plants need to thrive and discover how much less they need than a typical sprinkler controller will give them. Access those and other insights through our open API.

No longer is saving water limited to walled-garden systems and proprietary technology. With ETwater the Smart Outdoors® are now open. The technology behind the Smartest Sprinkler Service can now drive your own solutions. The service is weather, climate, and location sensitive, and automatically adjusts water needs and schedules based on ongoing changes to the environment.

Let’s save water, together.

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Get Inspiration

To test the possibilities of the ETwater API we built some tools of our own. See what you can do with the API and check out our landscape mapping and water use estimator tools.

Landscape Mapping Tool

The online landscape mapping tool let’s you outline vegetation on a satellite map and then generate a detailed online and PDF report with weather data and expected landscape watering needs. It has been designed for a commercial-type client. Find out more.

Real-Time Irrigation Calculator

The real-time landscape irrigation calculator lets you get a 7-day watering schedule for your property and irrigation system based on Real-Time ETo (evapotranspiration). A Real-Time ETo offers a greater level of efficiency compared to the more commonly utilized Historical ETo average. Find out more.