Example Uses of the ETwater API

The proof is in the App

How better to show the capabilities of the ETwater API than with real-life examples. So we built an online tool to easily map any landscape and get a plethora of information about what you mapped, the weather and other environmental insights. The online tool allows for more detailed mapping and provides a far more detailed report versus the instant analysis of the Real-Time Landscape Irrigation Calculator.

Try them out and get inspired about what is possible with the ETwater API.


The online tool provides property managers and irrigation and landscape specialists a 7-page Optimized Irrigation Plan. It shows the estimated water needs for any landscape in the U.S. with beautiful graphs on water use and the local climate. Water use is calculated using a year’s worth of hourly weather data, including temperature, wind speed, humidity and solar radiation.

Get your Optimized Irrigation plan here.

The Optimized Irrigation Plan uses the following ETwater APIs

See detailed descriptions and code examples of some of the APIs used in these tools, or see the complete API reference for all available calls.