Notice of Price Increase October 2021

Oct 1, 2021

Based on our continued increases in operational costs due to supply chain disruption, etc.; Hydro-Rain® will initiate list and net price increases of 5% or more on Hydro-Rain® and all associated brands beginning October 4, 2021 (Monday). Please note that purchase orders received after 12:00p.m. MST October 1, 2021 (Friday) will be billed at the 5% or more October 4, 2021, increased rate. No extended-release date purchase orders will be accepted.

Associated Hydro-Rain® Brands effected by this increase include Hydro-Rain®, Blu-Lock®, PVC-Lock®, Drip-Lock®, Bhyve®, Orbit®, Stanley Fatmax® Long Handle and Gardening Tools & Hoses, Stanley Accuscape®, Bond, etc.

List prices are available on the Hydro-Rain website

Even as we navigate through this second dramatically challenging manufacturing and supply chain year, we are continuing to invest in product development, improved manufacturing processes, and logistics. To help better serve our customers, this fall we will complete a move into a 500K square foot warehouse facility that will improve our distribution service levels, lead time, etc.

Thank you for your continued support and distribution of Hydro-Rain® and associated products!


Your Hydro-Rain Sales and Support Team

Key Hydro-Rain Factory Contacts

Hydro-Rain Regional Manager – Alan Long 385-243-8296 [email protected]

Hydro-Rain Regional Manager – Chris Split 801-201-8780 [email protected]

Hydro-Rain Regional Manager – Tom DeCavalcanti 561-373-4940 [email protected]

Hydro-Rain Regional Manager – Darren Harris 214-668-2899 [email protected]

Hydro-Rain Director of Sales – Alan Ence 801-560-4821 [email protected]

Customer Success Associate – David Schoenfeld [email protected]

Customer Service – 888-493-6762 [email protected]

Key Territory Representative Agencies

Waterlines Inc.: 203-691-9388

Rivers and Associates: 803-932-7737

Nieuw Marketing: 616-822-4738

Active Sales Northwest: 541-726-0320

Canada Rainmakers: 289-200-0337

Aquacita: 720-233-9698

Superior Sales: 702-374-3826

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