The Top 6 New Trends Lawn Specialists Should Know in 2023

Man mowing green lawn with push mower

If You’re ‘In the Field’, You Should Know about These Trends

Whether you own a home, an office, or any other type of property with a lawn, then you know how important it is to take care of your grass to help your lawn to stay green so that your property looks nice. There are some lawn owners who don’t care very much about the presentation of their lawn and so they don’t take care of it, but most people with a lawn at least make an effort to take care of i- or this may be the reason why they hire you. Sometimes, however, even lawn owners who try to take care of their grass might struggle to keep it in tip top shape. We are Hydro-Rain® and we are irrigation and lawn care experts. Not only do we try to help educate lawn owners and contractors, but we in fact educate and provide high-quality products to those irrigation experts and landscapers who take care of other people’s lawns. If you are a lawn owner, then there are some trends that you need to know about in order to take care of your lawn properly and keep it free of weeds, pests, patches, and other issues. Today, we want to share six helpful tips about new trends in lawn care. 

1) Battery Powered Mowers

Lawn care is all about going green – literally and figuratively. Battery-powered push mowers are becoming more common, and without the need to burn gasoline, they are more environmentally friendly. They are perfect for smaller lawns since they can do the entire lawn with one charge, but even for bigger lawns you can simply charge the battery halfway through while you take a break and by the time you are ready to get back to mowing the charger will likely have enough charge to get the job done!

2) Electric Ride-On Lawn Tractors

Ride-on mowers have been popular for a long time, and that trend isn’t going anywhere. However, electric lawn tractors are becoming more common and only sell for about $1,000 more than regular gas-powered tractor mowers. These are great for larger lawns or anyone with a bad back, weak knees, or any other type of injury that makes a push-mower difficult to use.

3) Natural Lawn Products

Fortunately for our planet, the world is pushing for more environmentally-friendly options. In addition to battery-powered machines and electric vehicles, natural lawn products are trending in 2023. Many lawn care products contain harsh chemicals and other ingredients that are not great for the environment, so natural products are being pushed now more than ever.

4) The Green Garden Renaissance

We are seeing a renaissance of sorts for gardening in 2023. Many people are lining their lawns with a green garden to add more texture to their landscaping design and to compliment the green of their lawn. The concept of growing gardens and lawns together is timeless and it helps to create a calm, serene outdoor setting. Creating a green foliage garden will be fun and the results will be beautiful. 

5) Vegetable Gardens

Vegetable gardens are trending this year in the lawn care world. Growing your own vegetables is a sustainable way of life and a great use of outdoor space. Especially if you have a patchy part of your lawn or a corner where the grass won’t grow, just convert it into a vegetable garden! If it’s in the middle of the lawn, just border it off with stones or a wooden frame. This will allow the rest of your lawn to stand out more and will be a great use of the patchy section.

6) Water Conservative Irrigation Systems

Proper irrigation is one of the most important elements in getting your lawn to have luscious, green grass. However, some sprinklers or irrigation products can end up wasting water. If you invest in a high-quality water conservative irrigation system you will be wasting less water and keeping your lawn in great shape. Water conservation features are a popular trend for irrigation products in 2023. 

Contact Hydro-Rain® for More Lawn Care Tips

The lawn care industry is constantly evolving as new technology becomes available and as we continue to learn more about the lawns that we are taking care of. Whether you are an irrigation contractor, a landscaper, or simply a lawn owner, the more you know about irrigation and lawn care the better off your grass will be. Please feel free to contact us today for any questions that you have about these emerging trends, our irrigation products, or our online Hydro-Rain® Academy for irrigation contractors. That’s it for today. Stay trendy!

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