What is Hydro-Rain Keyhole Technology

The Key-hole technology used in the Hydro-Rain HRX-075 nozzles refers to a unique nozzle design that creates a water droplet that is shaped like a keyhole. This design allows for more precise control of the water spray pattern and ensures more efficient water distribution.

The keyhole-shaped water droplet created by the HRX-075 nozzle is more resistant to wind drift, allowing for greater accuracy in water placement. The shape of the droplet also helps to minimize misting and fogging, which can result in water waste and poor coverage.

In addition to the keyhole design, the HRX-075 nozzle also features a range of other advanced features, including a pressure-regulating mechanism that ensures consistent water distribution, a durable construction that resists wear and tear, and a range of interchangeable nozzles that allow for customized water distribution based on specific irrigation needs.

Overall, the Keyhole technology used in the Hydro-Rain HRX-075 nozzles is a significant advancement in irrigation technology, providing more precise and efficient water distribution for a wide range of applications.

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