6 Tips for Your Clients While They’re Away for the Holidays

Going away for the holidays is a lot to tack on to your already long to-do list, and what’s more, it is preparing your home for the time you’re away. Making sure you have everything in line is of the utmost importance, as it gives you more peace of mind while you’re away, allowing you to enjoy your time much more. 

As for your client’s lawn, this is no different. Making sure that your clients know what they need to do for their lawns while they’re gone makes a considerable difference in the future of their lawns. Read more below about the tips you should be sharing with your clients. 

Lawn Care Tips to Share with Your Clients

Depending on how long your client plans to be away for, they may need more scheduled help than others of your clients. Here’s what they should do: 

  • Away One Week? Ensure that they mow their lawn and set their sprinkler controller. Let them know to give their lawn a nutritious boost when they return. 
  • Away for Two Weeks? Let them know that they mow their lawn but not too low. They may be motivated to mow lower than usual, but less is more. If they do not have a sprinkler controller, they’ll also need someone to come over and water their lawn to ensure it stays green. 
  • Away for Longer? This is when a smart irrigation controller comes into play. A smart irrigation controller allows your client to make sure their lawn is getting what it needs over an extended amount of time. Additionally, you’ll want to offer lawn maintenance to your clients or suggest they ask a neighbor for help. 

Additional Lawn Care Tips for Extended Vacations

Now that we’ve shared three tips based on your client’s time away from home, we want to share some tips that help everyone, regardless of their leave. Read more below.

  1. Remove Heavy Objects – It’s important to remind your clients that soil compaction is damaging the lawn. Remove heavy objects from the lawn to eliminate the risk of damaging their lawns. 
  2. Avoid Salt – This is more of a tip for the colder climates that experience salt melt on the roads to help your client to keep salt off their lawn. Offer to check for this issue during scheduled lawn maintenance. 
  3. Add Mulch to Your Client’s Lawn – This will cover and protect the soil and plant roots from colder weather. Without this, you could be harming their root system. 

Helping and educating your clients on caring for their lawns throughout the year and during vacation will make you stand out from your competitors, especially if you offer services specific to year-round or unique needs of your client base.

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