The Hydro-Rain High Station Count Irrigation Controller

Built for Water Managers

Water is a finite resource! Industry-leading watering technology gives you peace of mind in knowing that your landscape is healthy and thriving while using less water.

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Robust Features without the Complexity

As a water manager, you demand absolute trust in your watering system. The High Station Count (HSC) controller provides the latest technology and connectivity to give you the confidence your landscapes require. Compatible with flood sensors, flow meters, and other key integrations, the HSC controller will help you experience a more intuitive, smarter, and greener way to water.

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More Simplicity, Less Headache

Many smart watering systems on the market right now are needlessly complex, with a range of features that are more difficult to manage than they are worth. The HSC controller is set to reverse that trend with the simplicity and functionality of the B-hyve™ ecosystem.

Easily control zone setup by switching the provided plates.

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Powered by B Hyve Pro

The HSC commercial irrigation controller brings a range of connectivity built in, powered by B-hyve, the world’s industry-leading connected platform. Together, the HSC controller and B-hyve technology provide water managers with complete control of programming, whether you want smart daily adjustments with WeatherSense™ programming, custom programming, or something in between.

In addition to remote monitoring and control for projects large and small, the HSC controller controls up to 48 stations. Plus, the convenient modular design allows for station expansion in eight-station increments.

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The Hydro-Rain High Station Count Controller

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