What is the Importance of Having Pressure Regulated Spray Heads?

Ensuring that your lawn care system is always performing its best is of the utmost importance. Not only is it of concern to the health of the lawn, but it’s also of concern to your pocketbook. When you have the right system in place it will show both on your lawn and in your wallet. One part of an irrigation system that is integral is pressure-regulated spray heads. In order to understand just why it’s crucial to have them, it’s essential to know what they are and how they work. 

What is a Pressure Regulated Spray Head?

These spray heads are exactly what they sound like. Spray heads help regulate the water pressure flowing through the sprinkler, all so that it remains consistent across the entire system. It is recommended that a system maintains a PSI of 30-40 pounds per sprinkler head and this regulator helps to ensure that this consistency remains.

How Does a Pressure Regulating System Work?

Each pressure regulating spray head contains a built-in regulator that helps maintain more consistent pressure, increasing nozzle performance. This helps the nozzle distribute water more evenly. 

Why Are Pressure Regulating Systems Important?

It’s important to remember that water is a precious resource and using it to help our lawns stay healthy means that we need to do so responsibly. Pressure regulating systems help do just that. Additionally, these pressure regulating spray heads help to increase the longevity of the system overall. Sprinklers that are operating at optimal pressure will last longer and more importantly, they help to save water. Not only does your system benefit from these heads, but your lawn also does too. And because there are varying reasons for changes in pressure to your sprinkler heads, making sure that you have pressure regulating sprinkler heads will help to combat any of the issues you may see.

With a standard sprinkler head, it’s fairly easy to notice when it is not operating at its optimal levels. You’ll first begin to notice that your sprinklers are inconsistent in their water distribution, saturating certain areas of your lawn while other sections may go dry. Another sign that your sprinkler heads are operating properly is when you see a “fogging,” or “misting,” effect, causing water droplets to get stuck on the sprinkler head rather than being carried to your lawn. Typically, these water droplets are lost to evaporation and will cause the sprinkler head to work harder, wasting more water and requiring more energy.

How Can I Get a Pressure Regulating System Installed and What is the Cost?

Of course, the cost of these systems will vary depending on your individual needs and your current system type, however, it should be understood that the initial cost will be more. With that said, one of the best benefits that this system has to offer is that fact it reduces water waste, making up for the initial cost of the system and reflected in your water bill.

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