HRC 400 Factory Reset

Performing a factory reset is easy to do and does not affect the settings of a controller. All settings are stored in the B-hyve cloud (if connected to Wi-Fi) and are restored to the device in a few minutes after the factory reset and a stable Wi-Fi connection.

To perform a factory reset. #

  1. Open the front door
  2. Open the swing panel
  3. Locate the reset button on the back of the swing panel. It is above the Battery along the top.
  4. Press and hold the reset button for 10-12 seconds. The LCD screen will illuminate all the icons indicating a successful factory reset followed by a blank screen.

Why perform a factory reset? #

Factory resetting is very important when initially pairing your device to the B-hyve app, but it can also assist when you have had any Wi-Fi or router changes and need to get your device reconnected or are having frequent disconnection issues.

NOTE: factory resetting will put the device in pairing mode. Clear the local programming, but leave the backup program on the server.

Release Access / De-authorize a Controller. #

If you want to erase all the settings on a controller and in the B-hyve cloud, the device owner needs to release access to the controller. Releasing Access is permanent and cannot be undone! Once the device is released from an account, a factory reset must be completed before anyone else can use the controller.

NOTE: Releasing Access will remove the backup program on the server. The controller will not be placed in pairing mode, and the local program will remain.

Transfer a controller without modifications to the programming. #

Contact us to have the controller transferred to a new owner. 

Transferring a controller protects all the programming and only requires the new owner to have a B-hyve account. Once the transfer is complete, the B-hyve app must be closed and reopened for the changes to occur. The new owner can then perform a factory reset to place the controller in pairing mode so they can update the Wi-Fi settings (if needed).

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