Drip Zone Filter Regulator

A drip irrigation pressure regulator with a filter reduces incoming water pressure to 30 psi so it is usable by a micro-irrigation or drip system.

Maintenance #

Monthly #

Use the flush port to clean large debris from the filter (adjust frequency based on water conditions). Before flushing, ensure that the timer is in the OFF position. Next, remove the flush cap and attach a garden hose to the filter housing. Rotate the bleed screw counter-clockwise to manually open the valve and let the water run for 30 seconds. Turn the bleed screw clockwise to close the valve and replace the flush cap.

Annually #

Removing fine debris from the filter. With your timer in the OFF position, remove the filter
housing by unscrewing the housing ring. Gently remove the filter and flush with clean water.
Ensuring that all four o-rings are in place. Replace housing and hand tighten the housing ring.

Parts #

  • Flush Cap
  • Filter Housing
  • Filter Housing O-ring
  • Filter Body
  • Filter O-rings
  • Filter Receiver
  • Pressure Regulator Assembly
  • Jar top ring
  • Body

Image coming soon!

Important Guidelines #

  • For outdoor use with cold water only.
  • Check local codes for installation requirements.
  • A pressure regulator should be installed on the main sprinkler line when static water pressure exceeds 80 PSI.
  • Pressure test all water lines before covering pipe and controller wire.
  • WARNING: DO NOT use pipe dope on threads, use thread seal tape.

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