Transfer a B-hyve device

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A B-hyve device can be transferred from one owner to another. This is useful when you sign up a new client and will be managing their irrigation. Or when there is a separation, and the device needs to be moved.

In either case this must be done on the backend. The new owner should setup their free B-hyve account before we start the process. Once the new B-hyve account is created, contact us with the MAC address for the device and the email address of the new user.

Once the device is transferred the new user needs to close the app (if it was open) and reopen it.

Move a B-hyve Device #

Contractors have the ability to move a device within their account. If a contractor moves a controller from one site to another, or the property owner changes, there is an option at the bottom of the device details screen on the contractor web dashboard to move a device. more details are available in the Hydro-Rain academy Pro Dashboard course.

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