Adding a Personal Weather System to your B-hyve Pro app

In the B-hyve Pro app, you are able to use smart watering which can help control the amount of water you use by creating automatic watering programs based on your lawn and the local weather. By default, the B-hyve Pro app will connect to the nearest station that is recognized by Aeris Weather.

It is possible to add your own weather system to the app and use it, but there are a few steps you will need to follow.

Aeris weather gets PWS weather data from the servers. In order for your weather system recognized you need to have your station report the data to the PWS server. The PWS server will then monitor your weather station and if the data is approved it will become available in the B-hyve Pro app.

After going through this process, it may take some to time to show up within the B-hyve, but once you get approved it should appear in the B-hyve Pro app.

After setting up the weather system, if your personal weather system stops reporting at any point, Aeris and will remove it from the list and it won’t be able to be used.

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