Valve Wiring

Traditional Wiring #

Running the Wire #

With the power-off, use a multi-colored, multi-strand approved jacketed sprinkler wire. Be sure the wire has at least one more strand than the number of valves in the manifold. Run the wire to the valves (usually in the same trench as the sprinkler pipe).

RECOMMENDATION: Use a piece of conduit as a protective covering for sprinkler wire in areas of frequent digging.

Attach the Wire #

Attach a colored wire to one solenoid wire and the common wire (White) to the other solenoid wire. Always use the White wire as the common wire. Attach the colored wires to the zone terminala in the controller and the common wire (white) to the common terminal in the controller.


  • Use standard 20 gauge sprinkler wire for distances less than 800 feet (244 m).
  • Use 18 gauge wire for distances over 800 feet (244 m).
  • Use a grease cap and wire nut or a silicone-filled wire nut at each valve connection.
  • Waterproof any splices made along the sprinkler wire.

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