HRC 100 Programing

The HRC 100 C provides the flexibility of using 3 independent programs (A, B, and/or C). A program is where you store all of your sprinkler settings. It consists of a group of stations set to specific start times and run times. Multiple programs allow you to run different valves on different days with different run
times. While many applications only require one program (A), using multiple programs can be useful for drip areas, newly planted lawns, or rotary sprinkler stations. Using programs to group stations with similar water needs will maximize irrigation efficiency.

To clear any previous programming to clear factory programming Press the [RESET] button with a paperclip, pen, or other small objects.

Set Clock #

  • Turn the dial to [SET CLOCK]
  • Press the [+/–] buttons to set the current time of day
    • Hold the button down to go faster
  • Press the arrow buttons to set am/pm
  • Turn dial to accept time

Set Time #

  • Turn the dial to [SET DATE]
  • Y/M/D will appear (blinking letter indicates selection)
  • Press the [+/–] buttons to set the correct year, then press [ENTER] or the arrow buttons
  • Press the [+/–] buttons to set the correct month, then press [ENTER]
  • Press the [+/–] buttons to set the correct date
  • Turn the dial to accept the date

Start Time #

  • Turn the dial to [START TIME]
  • Press the [+/–] buttons to select the time you’d like your watering to begin

NOTES on Start Times:

  • Time will adjust in 15-minute increments.
  • [START TIME] is the time of day that your programmed watering starts. You can set up 4 start times. All stations that have a programmed run time (how long) will run in sequence at these times
  • When a start time is set before the previous program has been completed, that start time will be “stacked” or delayed and will start upon completion of the previous program.
  • Only one start time is required per program (group of stations)
  • If the controller is scheduled to run in the next 24 hours then the display will toggle between the current time and the next scheduled start time

Run Time #

Turn the dial to [RUN TIME]

In the top left of the LCD screen [STATION] should appear. STATION is the area that will be watered by each valve. On this screen, the RUN TIME or duration for each station is set.

  • Press the arrows to select a station and press the [+/–] buttons to enter the watering duration for that station
  • Press [ENTER] or the arrow buttons to move to the next station/valve, and enter the watering duration for each station

How Often #

Turn the dial to [HOW OFTEN] – this screen allows you to set how often to water.

There are 3 options provided:

  1. Days of the week (Mon, Tues, Wed, etc.)
  2. Intervals (Every “X” number of days)
  3. Odd or Even Days

Days of the Week #

Your dial should be set to [HOW OFTEN]

  • The display will show the current program (A, B, or C)
  • Press the arrow buttons to move from one day to another
  • Press [+] or [ENTER] to select a day for watering. A frame will appear around the selected days.
  • To delete a previously entered day, press [-] or [CLEAR]

Example: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

Intervals #

  • Use the arrow buttons to move to the INTERVAL option “INT”
  • Press [+/–] buttons to select the number of days between watering

Example: An interval of 1 will water every day; an interval of 3 will water every 3rd day, etc.

Odd or Even Days #

  • Use the arrow buttons to move to the ODD or EVEN day watering
    • Press [+] or [ENTER] to select
  • Selecting a different option or pressing clear will erase the previous selection

Example: Odd: 1st, 3rd, 5th, etc.

Example: Even: 2nd, 4th, 6th, etc.

Turn the dial to [RUN/AUTO] and that’s it. You have programmed your controller!


If your program is lost, the factory-installed fail-safe program will turn on each station every day for 10 minutes.

Your prior programming will not be disturbed unless altered. Always be aware of the program you are in (A, B, or C) when you are making changes.

Reviewing and Changing Your Program #

If you want to review or change the start times, run times, or how often to water, simply follow the directions again for that option. After reviewing or changing a watering schedule, remember to turn the dial back to [RUN/AUTO] for automatic operation.

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