HRC 100 Manual Watering

Your HRC 100 has the ability to allow you to manually water without disturbing the preset program.

  • Turn the dial to [AUTO]
  • Press the [MANUAL] button. The display will show ABC and ALL. After a few seconds or by pressing [ENTER] the controller will begin manual watering
  • All stations will water consecutively for their programmed

Note: If the run times have not been set, the controller will not initiate manual watering and the screen will return to the current time.

  • To specify a specific program or station, press the arrow buttons to select A, B, or C.
  • Press [ENTER] to activate
  • To select a specific station, continue pressing the arrow buttons until desired station number appears
  • Press the [+/–] to enter the desired duration from 1 to 240 minutes
  • Wait 5 seconds and your station will begin
  • To stop Manual Watering press [CLEAR]
  • The controller will go back to your original automatic
    watering schedule

Example: To manually water on station 3 for five minutes, press the [MANUAL] button then press the arrow buttons until you see station 3; using the [+/–] buttons, set the duration to five minutes; press [ENTER].

Note: After the [MANUAL] button has been pushed, if a selection is not made within 5 seconds all stations and programs will begin watering using the programmed RUN TIMES. If no RUN TIMES have been set, nothing will happen and the display will return to the time of day.

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