Can I wire 2 stations together

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The Hydro-Rain line of irrigation controllers are equipped to operate 2 stations at the same time. This is done to support users with a master valve or a pump. So if you do not have a master valve or pump can you operate two stations on a single terminal wire?

Technically yes, so should you? That depends on your water supply and the distance from the controller to the solenoids.

Hydro-Rain does not recommend wiring 2 stations to operate at the same time. Always consult a certified irrigation professional or increase the controller station count.

Water Supply #

You need enough water to support 2 stations while they operate. Just because your main line (before the valves) is larger than your lateral line (after the valves) does not mean both stations would have enough water. You could experience dry spots, encounter premature failure, or the valve may not open. Generally valves a minimum amount of water (gpm) and pressure (psi) to operate.

Both valves running at the same time may require more water than the pipe supplying them can reasonably handle. This can result in water hammer, or premature pipe wear/failure due to high water velocity. High water velocity is not a common problem, most systems that are professional designed and installed keep the water velocity in a safe area (below 6 feet per second).

Electrical #

As electricity moves along a wire it looses power. For most residential applications this isn’t an issue. On larger residential, commercial and agricultural properties the wire runs are longer and it becomes a variable. If the wire run is too long then there isn’t enough power to activate the solenoid. If you double the electrical needs, by wiring two stations together, you have decreased the maximum wire run length possible. Of minor concern is being at the end of a run, you have just enough power to activate and hold the valve open. This puts additional strain on the solenoid and can lead to premature failure.



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