B-hyve Device Sharing

Sharing a B-hyve device is very easy to do right from your B-hyve application. To share the device with someone else:

  1. Open the B-hyve Pro or B-hyve app
  2. Tap “My B-hyve” and then tap “Devices
  3. Select the device you want to share access to
  4. Tap “Device Sharing
  5. Choose between Guest and Manager (Managers have access to create/remove other Managers/Guests and can remove the B-hyve device from the account, but Guests can only view, edit, and run the device)
  6. Tap “Generate Access Code” (the code is automatically saved to your clipboard)
  7. Share the code with the other party

Once they have the code, they should create an account or log in to the B-hyve app.

  • If this is their first device on the account, simply select the option that says they have a code.
  • If they have a device on their account already, navigate to the “My B-hyve” page, and then tap on Devices. Now tap “Add Device” and select “I have a code”.

Note: Device Sharing is not available for Flood Sensors.

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