Recommended Wire Run Distances

The tables below are designed for quick reference and are set up to provide maximum wire runs, given the wire size for both the power and common wires. Maximum one-way distance in feet between controller and valve heavy-duty solenoid: 24 VAC, 360 mA inrush current, 230 mA holding current, 60 Hz.

NOTE: The tables represent a single active solenoid. The wire distances should be halved with two solenoids operating simultaneously on the same wires.

Maximum distance between a controller and a solenoid in feet #

Wire Size18 AWG16 AWG14 AWG12 AWG10 AWG8 AWG
18 AWG85010401210135014501525
16 AWG104013401650192021502325
14 AWG121016502150262530753450
12 AWG135019202625337541704875
10 AWG145021503075417054006670
8 AWG154023253450487566708700

You may be able to activate a valve beyond the range listed, however doing so may damage the solenoid or cause other issues.

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