HRC 100 Rain Delay

[RAIN DELAY] allows you to delay your sprinkler controller from watering for a set period of time. Delay settings are 24, 48, and 72 hours.

  • Turn the dial to [RUN]
  • Press the [RAIN DELAY] button to automatically delay watering for 24 hours
  • If a longer Rain Delay is desired, press the arrow buttons to increase or decrease the setting.
  • Press [ENTER] or wait 10 seconds and the selected rain delay will begin.
  • [CLEAR] button stops the rain delay and scheduled watering will resume.
  • At the end of the selected rain delay amount of time, automatic watering resumes.
  • While in rain delay mode, the controller display will switch between the actual time and the remaining hours of the delay, every 2 seconds
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