Connecting to existing controller

Homeowners: #

Congratulations! You have just moved into a new home and it has a connected controller already installed. To enable Wi-Fi, please download the fee B-hyve app to your device.



Once the app is installed on your device, create an account and select add device

If the installer did not leave a code, or the prior homeowner did not deauthorize the controller. #

  • Contact B-hyve support at 1-800-488-6156 option 1 then option 3.
    • Have your MAC Address ready. it is behind the LCD screen or inside the wiring cover

If the installer left you a code #

  • Choose “I have a code”
  • Type the code into your app.
    • Each code can only be used once!

Once you have connected to the controller follow the in-app instructions to connect the controller to your Wi-Fi network.

Contractors #

  1. Open your B-hyve Pro app
  2. Log in, if needed
  3. Go to My B-hyve
  4. Tap on Devices
  5. Tap on the plus icon “+”

Connect Device #

  • Select the device you are connecting to.
  • It can take between 2 and 5 minutes for the app to find the device
  • Select the device
    • The last 6 characters of the MAC Address are shown in the app if you need/want to verify that you are connecting to the correct controller.
  • Follow the instructions in the app

Get Access #

  • Ask the homeowner to generate a code they can share with you. They can follow steps 3-5 and tap on “Generate Access Code” in the request access screen.
  • Type the code they provide into your app
  • You now have access to the controller.

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