What is the current HRC 400 Firmware version

What version of Firmware should my HRC 400 be on? #

The most current Firmware version for the HRC 400 controllers is 76 or higher.  Our factory is using firmware version 76 during the production process.  Firmware version 87 was released in January 2022 and is available for download through the B-hyve app.

Firmware version 87 update notes:

Bug fixes

Firmware version 76 update notes:

Added ability to schedule start/stop days for programs (Grow-in Programs)

Increase water event queue to hold more events.

During a fault, both the pump and station will be disabled.

Bug fixes

Released January 2022

Firmware version 45 update notes:

When Rain delay is set at controller it is now saved to Non-volatile memory before being sent to the server.

When updating time with the server the device’s status is also sent

Bug Fixes

Released July 2019

Firmware version 39 update notes:

Bug fixes to original firmware for the HRC 400

Released March 2019

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