HRC 100 Test Cycle

The HRC 100 C is capable of running a “Manual Test Cycle” which will run all stations for as little time as 1 minute or as much as 240 minutes. This feature is very useful upon completion of system installation or service.

  • Turn the Dial to “Run”.
  • Press the Manual/Enter portion of the keypad and then press the “-” key located just above the words “TEST CYCLE” on the front lower right-hand side of the controller.

NOTE: if you do not press the “-” button within 5 seconds of the Manual/enter button. The manual test start-up process will have to be repeated to activate the function.

  • When the function is done correctly the LCD screen will indicate ”MANUAL”, “STATION A” (for all stations), and the default cycle duration of each station (2minutes).
  • To increase or decrease test cycle station duration time, use the “+” button or to decrease use the “-” button.
  • Upon arrival at desired test cycle time, press “ENTER”.
  • To abort the test, press “CLEAR”.

When the test cycle is complete the HRC 100 will automatically return to your pre-set station durations and begin watering upon the next scheduled watering cycle.

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